UNYAN Honors Mobile Life Employee as Outstanding Employee of the Year

Each year The United New York Ambulance Network (UNYAN) gives out an Outstanding Employee Award and this year Barbra Wagner from Mobile Life Support Services received this award.

Barbra has been an EMT with Mobile Life for over ten years. For the past five years she has paved the way for Mobile Life in creating a system of inter-facility transports at local hospitals. She was Mobile Life’s first Transportation Coorninator responsible for managing the medical transportation for a multi-hospital health system. Barbara arranges for the transportation of inpatients for treatment between their campuses and out-patient testing sites, and is the liaison between the hospitals, ambulance and ambulette services, and the treatment centers. Through her daily efforts, the hospital system receives reliable and on-time movement of their patients wherever and whenever they need transportation, saving them time and resources. While Mobile Life Support Services does not provide all of these services, Barbara’s dedication, positive attitude, and outgoing personality has allowed her to be a “Goodwill Ambassador” for the healthcare system she serves. Her dedication and work has allowed for other healthcare systems to utilize the same system and has paved the way for Heath Alliance to do the same.

The work Barbra has done as the Transportation Coordinator at St Luke’s Hospital has not only paved the way for other multi-hospital health systems, but has allowed both the transportation agencies and the health care facilities to save money, and pass those savings onto the customer while still providing outstanding care to the patient.

It is this type of dedication and pioneering in the health care field that UNYAN honors. Mobile Life is proud to have Barbra Wagner as an employee and is very proud of the work she has done over the past five years.