Paramedics team up with NYCMedics to help the Kenyan Council of EMTs

Earlier this month NYCMedics sent a group of six emergency service members, 2 firefighters and 4 paramedics, to Kenya to help train members of Kenya Council of Emergency Medical Technicians (KCEMT). Two of the paramedics sent were from Mobile Life Support Services. Both Kenny Miller and William Jeffries spent twelve days teaching  American Heart Association Instructor courses to the EMS community in Kenya. By the end of the trip 17 Kenyans were certified as BLS, ACLS and PALS Course Instructors.

Between teaching classes and exploring Kenya, Kenny Miller updated everyone back home on his travels:

Sunday, August 11th

Dear family and friends

We are safe and sound in Nairobi, Kenya… I am with a great group of guys and we are going to attempt to bring US medicine and firefighting skills to the people of the republic of Kenya. The internet situation here is less then great so updates and contact will have to wait until I get home. See everyone on the 22nd of August. Be well and safe. Much love sent your way.

Tuesday, August 13th

Gertrude's Children Hospital where we are teaching
Gertrude’s Children Hospital where we are teaching

Currently awaiting the start of day 3 on this adventure. We started instruction yesterday and both the medical classes as well as the firefighting classes went well. Today, on the medical side of things, we are doing mega codes, so today will be a lot more interesting. The Kenyan people are extremely nice (nice switch from NY). Overall the experience has been great and am looking forward to the next week.


Wednesday, August 14th

At 10am and 3pm the Kenyans stop whatever they are doing for tea time! Something that definitely needs to come back to the US!
At 10am and 3pm the Kenyans stop whatever they are doing for tea time! Something that definitely needs to come back to the US!

Day 4: Today we finish teaching ACLS (instructor class) begin teaching PALS (full course) and then the PALS instructor course. Our students range from EMT’s to Doctors. They seem to be making great strides. I am surviving the food for the most part but Seth Goldstein did bring PB&J as a back up! Well, time to start the day. Be well!




Friday, August 16th

Day 5: Today we will continue with PALS. Hoping to finish up by Monday. Last night we1209241_10200392491287029_153528036_n went to a restaurant called Spur Steak House. The food was incredibly tasty but also very spicy! Due to a late night on Weds and our groups consumption of Tusker Lager, we were all very tired. Tonight we are going to a Brazilian Steak House and meeting with some of the emergency response officials. Tonight ought to be interesting to say the least. Sunday we are traveling about two hours away from Nairobi and going on a safari, which I am looking forward too! Plenty of pictures will follow. I would also like to congratulate Matt Kay and Seth Pierson for becoming NYS PARAMEDICS! It is time to start class, everyone be well!

Monday, August 19th

Today we finish up PALS and conclude our work for this trip. We have successfully taught and made instructors of 17 Kenyans in BLS, ACLS, and PALS. They will then be able to teach others and continue to expand the program. Yesterday, we enjoyed a very long day. First, we drove about two hrs, hopped on a boat, and spotted some hippos! Then we proceeded and went on a safari and saw all kinds of wild life. Unfortunately the Lions were stubborn and did not want to come out to play. Even, before the safari started we had some food stolen by a curious baboon who decided to enter our van and then successfully got away with bananas and cookies. So, lesson learned, make sure you close all doors and windows! We have a few more days left here in Kenya, then the long flight home Wednesday night into Thursday. Take care everyone!



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