MLSS Special Operations Response Team helps out the City of Middletown

Early in the morning on March 28, 2012 a page went out to our Special Operations Response Team (SORT). The City of Middletown Fire Department was operating at two separate structure fires.

The SORT Team and other standby units were available on scene and provided munch needed rehabilitation services to the firefighters from throughout the Hudson Valley. SORT team member L. Garofalo-Wade brought the SORT truck to one of the scenes.

The SORT Truck is a specially designed vehicle that is outfitted with supplies and equipment necessary to carry out a variety of special operations mission. Mobile Life currently has three of these vehicles in service throughout the Hudson Valley.

L. Garofalo-Wade and Supervisor T. Vanburen stood watch at the one structure fire with the SORT truck. At the other scene, B. Lesniak, M. Ballard, G. Labotan, M. Oates, J. Morgan and J. Nix stood by.

Both standbys were initiated around 2:30am and were completed by 4:45am.