Mobile Life Support Services operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing both 911 EMS coverage as well as Basic, Advanced, Critical Care Hospital and Nursing Home ambulance transfers. 

We work closely with other local emergency response agencies, such as Police and Fire departments, as well as volunteer ambulance squads to ensure our communities receive the highest standard of pre-hospital emergency medical care. Our staff of highly trained medical professionals is prepared to meet your medical needs.

  • 911 Emergency Paramedic Ambulance
  • Municipal 911 EMS Contracting
  • Basic and Advanced Life Support Ambulances
  • Paramedic First Response Services
  • Emergency and Non-Emergency Interfacility Ambulance Transportation
  • Emergency Communications Center (Secondary 911 PSAP)
  • Leased staffing Ambulance Services
  • Special Event EMS Planning and Operations
  • Community Event Stand by Services
  • Disaster Planning and Training Programs
  • Medical Facility Evacuation planning
  • In-house Medical Billing Services
  • EMS Educational & Training
  • CPR and First Aid Training & Certification
  • EMS System Design Consultation Services