Benefits Package

The following is a listing of the comprehensive benefit package that all full time members of our team enjoy:

  • Medical Insurance Coverage for individuals or families.
  • Vision Plan & Dental Insurance
  • Employee Life Insurance¬†
  • Employee Assistance Program for staff and family members.
  • 401K Retirement Plan
  • Paid Time Off
    • Personal, Sick & Vacation
    • Paid time off buy back
      If you do not use your paid time off MLSS will buy back a portion of it from you during eligible buy-back time periods.
  • Health Club Reimbursement
    MLSS will reimburse your health club expenses up to $200 every six months with documentation of active enrollment.
  • Raises
    • Annual Raises
      • Yearly merit raise based on an annual performance review.
    • Longevity Raises
      • Biennial raises based on accumulated seniority (in addition to any annual merit raise)
  • Holiday Pay¬†
  • Overtime
    • Full time employees guaranteed 5-8 hours overtime per week
  • Unit Hour Utilization (UHU) Bonus
    • Paid bonus for qualified high call volume shifts
  • Training & Education
    • Free training for MLSS employees
    • NYS DOH BEMS EMT and Paramedic refreshers programs
    • Internet based CME-based EMT and Paramedic Refresher Programs
    • BCLS, ACLS, PALS, AMLS, PHTLS, CEVO, GEMS and other specialty programs
    • Field training and essential skills review
    • Additional supplemental disability insurance coverage available for part time and full time employees
  • Tuition Assistance (TAP)
    • Funding available for eligible MLSS EMTs to complete Paramedic certification through a number of local community college programs.
  • Professional growth opportunities
    • Special Operations Response Team
    • Field Training Officer
    • Instructors
    • Tactical EMS Team (Paramedic)
    • Paramedic Supervisors


All current administrators and supervisors at MLSS began as field providers