EMS Special Operations

Special Operations Response Team (SORT)

Our Special Operations Response Team (SORT) operates three (3) SORT vehicles outfitted with supplies and equipment for their mission. Over seventy (70) staff members are qualified for SORT, and are issued personal pagers, and are available for emergency activation 24/7. SORT unit activations normally occur for Multiple Casualty Incidents (MCI), for other unusual incidents, or to provide coverage for large special events. In addition, SORT frequently activates to provide Firefighters Rehabilitation Services at the scene of large or prolonged fire ground operations.


Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)

Mobile Life Support Services has an eight (8) member Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) unit. Staffed by vetted and specially trained MLSS Paramedics, the unit trains and deploys with a number of law enforcement agencies throughout our operations area. The Team provides primary EMS support for Police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Teams, Special Entry/Felony Warrant Teams, and Hostage Situations.  The TEMS team is unarmed, but equipped with specialized EMS equipment and personal ballistic protective gear to support their mission.  In turn, TEMS always deploys with their own dedicated MLSS Paramedic Unit for support.